American Crowdfunding Association

American Crowdfunding Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) rooted in the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (the “JOBS Act”).  The JOBS Act opened up the possibility of two distinctive approaches for businesses to raise capital and to PUT AMERICANS BACK TO WORK!  The recovery from the Great Recession is not fulfilled until all of our Americans are put back to work – and with implementation of the JOBS Act, this can become a real possibility.

Jumping for Crowdfunding

Jumping for Crowdfunding

The JOBS Act first addressed the ability of businesses to advertise for accredited investors, which was not possible prior to this legislation.  Before the JOBS Act, business owners had to rely on brokers, their own personal contacts, or “dog & pony shows” to interest investors that met accredited investors requirements.  Now, with the publication of the Final Rules on July 24, 2013, the effective date to allow businesses to advertise for accredited investors is September 23, 2013.  The question will be how to do this and still meet the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission AND how to do so without incurring substantial fees and costs.  This will be addressed in our training offered to business owners.

Balloons with blueThe second factor the JOBS Act addressed is the ability for small businesses to raise up to $1 Million a year from ANYONE using Crowdfunding.  This is the exciting factor as it applies to a much broader arena of businesses and can be used much easier than the more expensive private placements used in the accredited investor scenario.  The Securities and Exchange Commission rules became effective May 16, 2016.  This is a game-changer for small businesses and every small business focused on growth, or in need of cash infusion, should benefit from this knowledge.

We have attached a copy of our letter from the IRS granting the 501(c)(3) status to American Crowdfunding Association, Inc., which you may download for your records:

IRS 501(c)(3) Award Letter

American Crowdfunding Association is raising capital to cover the following:

  • Initial Incorporation and accounting expenses related to obtaining non-profit status;
  • Costs to set up a membership website and marketing thereof;
  • Securing venues throughout the United States, starting in the Southwest and expanding throughout the United States, to immediately offer business training for a minimal fee;
  • Covering the costs of travel and daily stipend for educators, including authors, commentators, and the real “players” of the JOBS Act,
  • Cover the operational and management costs of the Association.

Put Americans Back To Work!

When business owners learn how to use the JOBS Act provisions to their benefit, they can achieve so much more:

  • Small business owners will learn how to get their community behind them which in turnpromotes local jobs and local support;
  • How to stage their growth over a number of years

You can help put Americans back to work:

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